Selected Links


"The 90s Are Old"
An important series about important things, such as why Hey, That's My Bike wouldn't sing the lyrics 'just one fuck'

"I Think, Therefore I Am Getting the Goddamned Epidural"
Pretty sure this is what people mean by 'parenting philosophy'.

"Hello, Lenin?"
Oh look, it's a half-chapter of Schadenfreude, for free!!!



"I Made a Mistake In My Book and the Internet Went Nuts"
Well, someone did at any rate.



"Thesis Hatement
Want to get a literature PhD? You shouldn't.

"The Ghosts of Kafka Present"
A meandering review of the sublime new translation of The Metamorphosis.

"Is Mir Egal"
Dog with shark? Egal. Bring (and do) anything you want on the Berlin U-Bahn.

"Baby Bird"
A philosophical investigation into why Rebecca probably should have sleep-trained her kid.

"I Am Terrified of Taking My Child Literally Anywhere."
What if Rebecca's bad parenting choices go viral? (See "Baby Bird")

"College Students Are Not Customers"
Even if what they're "buying" costs eight squillion dollars.

"Quit Picking on Old Professors"
Why yes Rebecca does mean her mom, why do you ask?

"Syllabus Tyrannus"
Please refer to p. 403, which contains a 200-page FAQ about this course.

"Angela Merkel Has Been Wearing the Same Amazing Tunic for 18 Years"
In Germany, it's old enough to drive.

"Trader Joe Has a Brother"
Oh look, it's the most popular thing Rebecca has ever written, and it took her 23 minutes.



"Deutschland Uber Us"
Weekly column on all things relevant in the last bastion of liberal democracy on Earth.



"No Victor Believes in Chance"
What is this 'supply and demand' of which you speak? 

"The Academic Book as Expensive, Nihilistic Hobby"
Bonus one-way text message tantrum. 

"The Complete Opposite of Tuna on Toast"
When you leave academia, do a George Costanza. 

"Crimes Against Dissertation Humanity"
Don't be like these advisors. Especially if you don't advise any dissertations.



"Don't Ditch Deutsch"
Oh hey, remember German departments? Your university probably doesn't.

"Academe is a Lousy Family Planner"
Having kids will severely cramp your academic style. Don't let that stop you. 

"Hanging Up on a Calling"
Remember, 'vocation' is Latin for 'you should like it enough to work for free.'



"Why Are Adjuncts Only Fit for the Glue Factory?
Only in academia does experience make you unfit for a job. (Well, academia and one other profession.)

"Some More of my Personal Failings, To Prove the Meritocracy Exists"
Rebecca likes to perform her own opposition research.

"Not Everyone is Suited to Academia"
Yeah, maybe quit saying that, because it's cruel.


"True Academia Story of Thesis Hatement (Part I of ??)"
The behind-the-scenes you never asked for.